Kool Kidz

kool kids parties herefordAGES 4 TO 12

This is our most popular party for the koolest dudes and dudettes in town. No fancy dress for this party just come as you are and have fun.
Ukidz that’s you kids who like to dress to impress can come in casual clothes or the very latest designer fashion , just look your best and be the coolest dude in town.

A mix of traditional and new fun packed games including:

Easy games for the young ones, but much more difficult for the older kidz, make sure you have your running shoes on!

This party gives the boy or girl the opportunity to really impress their friends and invite them to the koolest party they have ever seen. Your mum or dad could even win the kool parent of the party competition!

Ukidz Uk has been entertaining for over thirty five  years, we are the number one choice for your children’s party with thousands of parties carried out by us and we offer fantastic value for money on all of our children’s parties, if you don’t believe us just check our rivals and get a price to compare as some children’s party companies charge nearly double our rates for exactly the same style of party, our competitors also charge for extras like effects machines and medals – dont be fooled!!

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