Although we give out small prizes and sweets to the winners for the majority of our games we do not give a prize to every child (unless of course its the birthday child who is always the star of the show). For a small additional fee our entertainer will ensure that all children who have not received a prize will get one at the end of the party. This is a great way to make sure that nobody misses out.


All our parties come with a free bubble machine and a hand held snow machine, children really like the snow machine as it is great fun, it will be used intermittently throughout the party with the bubble machine. We can add our large blizzard machine for extra snow (recommended) for a charge of £6.00, this will be to cover the cost of additional snow fluid.
Also if you want you could add a smoke machine (venue permitting), for a charge of £6.00.
Please note: All our bubble and snow and smoke fluids used are non toxic and water based products, which means they are venue safe and more importantly children safe.

MASCOTS FROM £80.00 per 30 mins

Mascots can be provided on request, however we can not always guarantee availability as we use other companies to provide the mascots.  If your thinking of a professional mascot such as Spiderman, Elsa or Peppa Pig or any other character associated with your themed party then please inform our party booker.  Please note: mascots in general do not talk and only provide a presence at you party, you could therefore have a family member or close friend come as a character of your choice and you can save this cost.


Ukidz UK can provide filled party bags for your party. You can pre order your party bags and the entertainer can bring them with him on the day of the event. Please call to see what party bags are available.


Our parties are for two hours with you providing a food break, if however you would like an additional hour of disco only to really get your party started we can do this after the games and presentation, you can have music of your own choice or leave it to your entertainer who has all the very latest pop music.

FACE PAINTING £90.00 per hour

Ukidz UK can supply you with a face painter for one hour per party, this is normally done in the second hour of the party when the food break starts.



Although we should have answered most of your questions regarding a Ukidz UK party in our separate FAQS section (please read before you book a party), here are some essential party tips that may help .

  1. Have your party in a local church or village hall, we do not recommend you have your party at home unless you have a large space in your home big enough to let thirty or more children to run around, we would always recommend a church or village hall for your function. Even the best behaved children can cause damage to your home with spilt food or drink or muddy footprints on that new carpet.
  2. Make sure you tie some balloons outside the hall so everybody who’s coming can instantly see where you are. Make sure balloons inside the hall are tied up and not on the floor, as these can be a distraction to children who like to play football!
  3. Tell parents and children to be five minutes early so the party can start on time
  4. At the beginning of the party put large name stickers on all of the children to let the entertainer and other children know who everybody is.
  5. Cold food is suffice for most children, with a selection of healthy bites, like carrot sticks and different fruit kebabs on straws.
  6. Make sure you have pen and paper or mobile phone handy for any parents who do not want to stay. We would recommend you have all parents phone numbers in case children fall over or are upset at missing mum or dad.
  7. Remember the party is for the children so less parents the better and shy children wont cling to mum or dad. Please note, some halls have bad sound insulation, and it is important that the entertainer can be heard by the children above parents talking so please ask your guest to be considerate when party starts.
  8. The birthday cake should be brought out at the half way mark immediately after the food break, this will give you enough time to cut a piece for each child and put it in party bags.
  9. If the party is themed, then why not ask some parents to come in fancy dress as well, come on mum and dad you would love to dress up as pirates, or super heroes, so here is your chance.
  10. Don’t be in a great hurry to clear up and go home at the end of the party. Your entertainer will need a minimum of thirty minutes to set down and moving tables and chairs before the party ends can be very distracting and noisy for the children and could be dangerous.
  11. Make sure you have a lighter for candles and rubbish bags for litter and sellotape for banners.
  12. Your entertainer will do everything in his or her power to make sure that the birthday child is star of the show. If however the birthday person is shy, very young or upset at being the centre of attraction, it may need mum or dad to be by their side for some of the games until they settle down.