Children’s party tips

  1. Have your party in a local church or village hall, do not have it at home. Unless you have a large space in your home, big enough to let thirty or more children to run around, we would always recommend a church or village hall for your function. Even the best behaved children, can cause damage to your home with spilt food or drink, or muddy footprints on that new carpet.
  2. Make sure you tie some balloons outside the hall, so everybody who’s coming can instantly see where you are. Make sure balloons inside the hall are tied up and not on the floor, as these can be a distraction to children, who like to play football!
  3. Tell parents and children to be five minutes early so the party can start on time
  4. At the beginning of the party put large name stickers on all of the children to let the entertainer and other children know who everybody is.
  5. Cold food is suffice for most children, with a selection of healthy bites, like carrot sticks and different fruit kebabs on straws. Also plenty of water and squash is always welcome especially in the summer.
  6. Make sure you have pen and paper or mobile handy for the mobile numbers of any parents who do not want to stay. We would recommend you having all parents phone numbers in case children fall over or are upset at missing mum or dad.
  7. If the party is for the children then it should not be a cheese and wine event!, so less parents the better, the children will not cling to their parent, and the entertainer can be heard.
  8. Birthday cake should be brought out at the half way mark immediately after the food break, this will give you enough time to cut a piece for each child and put it in party bags.
  9. If the party is themed, then why not ask some parents to come in fancy dress as well, come on mum and dad you would love to dress up as pirates, or super heroes, so here is your chance.
  10. Don’t be in a great hurry to clear up, your entertainer will need a minimum of thirty minutes to set down, and moving tables and chairs before the party ends is noisy and could be dangerous.
  11. Make sure you have a lighter for candles and rubbish bags for litter and selotape for banners.
  12. Your entertainer will do everything in his or her power to make sure that the birthday child is star of the show. If however the birthday person is shy, very young or upset being the centre of attraction, it may need mum or dad to be by their side for some of the games until they settle down.


  • How much will it cost to book a Party?
    Please call our party booking agent on 07956509134 or email us, as we always have special offers on or use the contact form for an instant quote. 
  • Will I need to pay a deposit to secure my party booking?
    Yes you will need to pay a £50.00 deposit to secure your party and this is non refundable and must be paid a minimum of 14 days after the confirmation date is made by our booking agent.
  • How far in advance should I book Ukidz Entertainment ?
    Please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment as our dj’s and entertainers can get booked up very quickly.
  •  What time is best for my party?
    Our times for a children’s party over the weekend are in the morning from 11.00am-1.00pm and afternoon parties between 3pm-5pm.  If you would like to book outside any of these times please let our booking agent know and we will try our best to help you. Grown up, birthday or pub nights usually start at 8pm till late.
  • How long are your parties?
    Our parties are for children are 2 hours with a twenty five minute food break halfway through for you to provide refreshments and birthday cake. Club, themed nights, or adult parties can be up to four hours or more. Weddings can be a full day event if you require background music. 
  • Is it just one Entertainer 0r DJ per party?
    Yes our standard 2 hour parties are for 1 entertainer to a maximum of 40 children. Please note more than 40 children can be difficult to control and games can be too long. Our adult parties are also for one dj.
  • How long do you need to set up disco?
    For children’s party entertainers will need a minimum of 40mins to set equipment up and 30 mins at end of party to set down. If access is difficult please let our booking agent know so extra time can be allowed e.g. stairs, paid parking or yellow lines outside venue. For teenage or adult events we need at least one hour to set up and one hour to set down. Please allow time for equipment to be taken down at the end of any event.
  • Does the Entertainer or DJ need parking at the venue?
    Yes this is very important for all entertainers as they have party props  and equipment to unload and set up. We will need access as close as possible.