Terms and conditions


Your party is confirmed as a booking only when we have received a deposit and it has been cleared in our bank.

Any balance due is payable on the day of your party by bank transfer or in cash to the party entertainer or dj. We only accept cheques in pre arranged circumstances.

Please note if you cancel your party within four weeks of the party date then your deposit is non refundable.  However if the party is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, illness, or failure on our part,  24hours prior to the party date then a full refund will be given or we can reschedule a different date providing we can agree on when Ukidz Entertainment are available.


Please note that two adults over the age of 18 must be present at all children parties should they be needed in the unlikely event of an accident arising. Although great care will be taken during parties when using effects machines Ukidz Entertainment is not responsible for accidents that could however occur.

If our entertainer fails to arrive due to vehicle breakdown, illness or accident, we are not responsible for any cost you may incur. A full refund for will be made for the cost of the ukidz entertainment only in this situation.

If you have hired a hall we assume that you have permission to use this premises and electricity will be provided for our use.  Ukidz Entertainment does not accept any responsibility for children/adults causing damage to a venue or a property that the party is held in. Although great care will be taken Ukidz Entertainment does not accept responsibility for fire alarms being set off by smoke machines or sound limiters being triggered and temporarily disrupting power supply or any additional costs that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

If this is an outside event a dry area must be provided with a ground sheet and covering for disco equipment and lighting and a safe supply of external electricity will be required.  If we feel that the area is unsafe to use electrical equipment in due to adverse weather conditions then our entertainer has the right to refuse to setup his equipment and perform the party.


The customer/party host on our booking form is responsible at all times for the general supervision of children within the party venue, whether at home or at any other premises, for the supervision of exits, and for ensuring that children only leave the party venue with their own parent or guardian. Our responsibility is strictly limited to the supervision of party activities provided by us.

All parties and games including material on our website are copyrighted and cannot be used without the permission of Ukidz Entertainment.

The responsibility for safety of all guests is left with the Customer hosting the party.