About Ukidz Entertainment…

We are the most popular choice for children’s entertainment and events in Herefordshire and surrounding counties, book a party with us now to find out why.

Ukidz Entertainment is a family run business which started back in the late 80’s, we originally ran a DJ agency only under various guises, in the 90’s we became one of the most important entertainment agencies supplying DJ’s to most of London’s top glamorous nightclubs.  Our children’s entertainment and party side of the business was started by this dj called Kym in 2006 with only one children’s entertainer.  Now we have professionally trained entertainers and djs all with various skills.  Our aim is simply to provide the best entertainment and children’s parties with the most fun and smiles you can imagine, we seem to be achieving this with several thousand parties that have been carried out by us. We would like to be your number one choice for Herefordshire and surrounding counties when it comes to children’s and teenage entertainment and adult birthday parties and special events such as weddings and bars.

Value for money, reliability and organised parties are the key factors in why we do so well.

To be one of our entertainers or djs means you have to be fun, professional and have that special gift of being a big kid yourself, do you think you could do it! Then take a look at our careers section, we are always looking for that special entertainer or dj who can work with anyone.

We aim to keep growing and proving that there is more to entertaining than just a disco! and lots of empty promises from a web site. 

We guarantee you will find the perfect party for your children or big occasion to remember forever. Over seventy-five percent of our recommendations come from the children and adults we do the parties for and you cannot ask for a better recommendation than that.

Director: Kym Daniels